Top Shed residency provides accommodation for invited artists, designers, makers, architects, writers and thinkers to take time out from their daily routine to make space for new works or simply thinking time in a rural location.


Top Shed is located in a little hamlet, consisting of five houses and 11 people living there at the moment ageing from of 1 to 89, an interesting and friendly group of neighbors.


We, Michał Leonczuk and me, were invited to do a week-long art residency there and decided to create a mini branding project inspired by our surroundings.


While riding our bikes in the area we’ve stumbled upon some local road signs. Amazed with how much character these letters have, we recreated them digitally.


Top Shed has simple, yet distinctive shape. It was clear to us that it has to become a part of the logo.

complete logo design


Top Shed is full of tiny objects for the residents to use. The space transforms every time a new person enters the room. We’re representing that dynamic with shed-shaped compositions created with items found around.​​​​​​​



was featured!​​​​​​​

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