The Sketchbook Project Vol 15


I have a pleasure to take part in The Sketchbook Project at Brooklyn Art Library, based in Brooklyn, NY.


The Sketchbook was for me a playful challenge. With passion to old printing techniques, I carved flora and fauna related illustrations. Collected them alphabetically: CFGHOPST. Hand-printed chronologically and, inspired by ABC – books, in top left corner I painted a right letter. At the end of the so-called school book CFG – book I created additional art prints.

inside the Brooklyn Art Library, based in Brooklyn, NY.

The Tiny Sketchbook Project Volume Number Two



are bunch of simple lines plants for gentle humans. Themes for each plant are based on the Inktober challenge from 2019.

31 simple plants for 31 days of October

and the peak inside the Brooklyn Art Library

printmaking & graphic design

created with love

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