RISO Botanical Calendar 2019!

Each month is symbolized with number of leaves/fruits of the botanical. January – 1 ginkgo leaf (...) June – 6 magnolia leaves (...) December – 12 eucalyptus leaves/fruits.


⋆ Monochromatic, black and white calendar is an invitation to mark your dates with favorite colors!

⋆ Risograph

⋆ Printed on 320 gm uncoated natural warm white paper

⋆ Measures 42 x 29,7 cm – A3 

⋆ Shipped in a4 bubble, flat envelope – which means that calendar is folded (The paper is too thick to be rolled into a tube). Please, remember about that.You can also pick it up by yourself while in Bergen! :)


Riso / Calendar 2019

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