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MONO NATUR exhibition

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Now I have a wonderful opportunity to present some of my creations in Blekk art gallery in Bergen! My first solo Norwegian exhibition it is :)

MONO NATUR in simple words describes what the exhibition is about. MONO stands for the monochromatic form I work in. NATUR refers to the topic I illustrate – flora and fauna.

You can see here my handprinted creatures like the sea horse, the raven, the peony and the palm tree with a hunting fox or lurking raccoon. The golden and porcupine fish hang-out around Bryggen, the harbour in Bergen smelling with wood. I'm also captivated by mysterious life of whales. Each illustration I etch/carve and print is firstly precisely drawn. One of those examples you can see here, on humpback whales. Where the stippled illustration meets the carved lino matrix and the final printed linocut. 

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