I met Weronika the mother, the founder of Papierowe Sztuki  in march 2017 and since then we created a few projects together, wrote endless words to each other, shared a table on the trade show, drunk yerba mate on the stairs, ate delicious bao, sat on the meadow and so much more! 


I'm very happy and honoured to have a possibility to work with you Werka!

Just have a look at the projects which were born in Weronika's head, then designed by me and created, bookbinded, brought to life carefully by Papierowe Sztuki!


design of a flower which is embossed blank or with silver and gold ink on the little photo albums (photos taken by me) as well as big ones (this photo is taken by Weronika herself!) ♡ 


[letters to]


Weronika's brilliant idea for cultivating a tradition of writing letters! You write notes for people you care about and collect it in the box (they go in four different colours!). Isn’t it wonderful? I had a pleasure, again, to create the design of a name which is letterpressed on the letter by amazing Paper Project and on the box handmade by Weronika! And these beautiful photos are taken by a wizard of the lense Nikola Baron!  




This time Weronika wanted to prepare something for loving mothers! This is a baby book, the place where you keep first photos of your baby, you can outline little palm or foot, keep first cut hair, write a letter for you baby and many, many more! I created it with simple dotted illustrations as well pleasant to fill in layout of the whole book.

Photographed  by Marta Brodziak.




This is a big diary for soon-to-be-mothers! Inside you can follow all the pregnancy time, collect photos from the belly and baby shower, write what you feel and anything what you only wish! I created all the little dotty illustrations of for these events as well as the layout of the book. And atmospheric photos were taken again, by wonderful Nikola Baron!

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