The main theme of KO – Projekt is collaboration.

The exhibition presented innovative approaches and interesting mix of different techniques and skills. It's a collection of the best group projects created after 2010 by students of polish art and design schools. Some of them made within one, some combined various art or design fields.


Prefix KO simply means together.

This is my diploma of Fine Arts created in collaboration with Michał Leonczuk.

hare dandelion

A hybrid, where element of the Earth compliments the Air.

koi tree

Another hybrid, where element of the Earth compliments the Water.

fly reef

Last hybrid, where element of the Air compliments the Water. All of them are created in etching technique, on 90x70cm copperplate.

Printed on Fabriano Rosaspina paper.

hare dandelion

koi tree

fly reef

Illustrations are a clue part of minimalistic design of the branding created by Michał.

final exhibition and the defense gallery.

talks about collaboration by known and established graphic designers, typographers and paper nerds.

an opening evening!​

Katarzyna Roman Art Direction / Illustration / Exhibition Design

Michał Leonczuk Art Direction / Graphic Design / Exhibition Design

printmaking & graphic design

created with love

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