During the month of October 2018 I was drawing an illustration a day creating my own inktober project.

One-element piece of a ginkgo leaf for the day one! Two-element spindle for the day two. Three-element lemon botanical for the day three. And so on, and so forth.

Every evening I was spending on sketching a botanical for the next day, filling in at least one page of the notebook. My morning routine expanded to drawing a simple (as close to perfect as I could) botanical and then taking pictures (always one flat one from the top, one with the sketches, one detail hanged on the wall and the full spread). Then to editing photos and, finally, sharing. I developed a pattern I did every single day, I was sharing the process everyday in instragram stories, some of them you can still see inside the Inktober highlights!

October 1. 1-element botanical.

October 3. 3-element botanical.

October 6. 6-element botanical.

October 10. 10-element botanical.

October 28. 28-element botanical.

Finally, at the last day, 31 of October I posted the result of 30 illustrations in a full glory!

'every leaf, every fruit counts’


The effect of the inktober project with a meaningful title.

Printed on a risograph, one, black layer on 320 gsm uncoated paper.

my botanical madness! 

1, 2, 3… 30-element different botanicals, which tempt you

to surround yourself with them and study on your own :)



I created a botanical calendar for 2019 as well :)

Inspired by my inktober idea I used 1-element botanical for January,

2-element botanical for February... As a huge fan of print and paper

I printed it on risograph machine, 320 gsm uncoated paper, one more time!

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