I've been captivated by whales for quite a some time. Here is a tribute to mysterious, magnificent creatures living theirs peaceful lives deep inside the oceans.

(around) 5 cm high/long humpback whales of mine!

and (around) 15 cm high/long humpback whales of mine!

... informative posters about humpback whales​ and the climate change issue, whale as a  mammal, plastic in the ocean!



26.01 — 3.02. 2019

Paviljongen, Nygårdsparken in Bergen

Anna K Bjørdal and me!

We care about our planet, we care about ourselves, we care about whales!

Captivated by these mysterious giant animals, we dedicated them an exhibition where we focus on the beauty of these creatures and issues that affect them. And! 50% of our sales was be donated to Naturvernforbundet – The Norwegian society for the Conservation of Nature.

Lovely opening afternoon was hosted by delicious and sustainable Yord!

welcome to our floating exhibition!


thank you so much for joining us then and always!!

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