HYBRYNORPEDIA was created for the Bibliotek Nordica project,

run by two wonderful women Imi Maufe and Megan Adie.

The HYBRYNORPEDIA is an encyclopædia of nordic hybrids in which flora meets fauna and leads to a new creations of imaginary creatures living peaceful lives in cold northern lands, forests and waters.


It's the art book illustrated with hand-carved and hand-printed rubber blocks with a little touch of digital print. Printed on the natural paper. Bookbinded with a black thread on a sewing machine.

graphic design

illustration, printmaking, bookbinding


carving and proof printing


bookbinding on sewing machine

each end needs a knot!

cutting on a guillotine

edition of 11 books is complete!

BIBLIOTEK NORDICA travels around the world in a wooden, custom made suitcase! I had a pleasure to take photos of it!

88 contributions from Nordic countries taking part in this project!

Oh and I designed the catalogue!

(and Codex Polaris logo too!)

vivat art books!

printmaking & graphic design

created with love

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